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Provide Office-Based Anesthesia Using an Anesthesiologist Private Practice

Did you know it is possible to wake up when having surgery? It is also extremely rare and only occurs in 1 or 2 of 1,000 medical procedures using anesthesia per the (ASA) or American Society of Anesthesiologists. Today, there are many out-patient surgeries available directly from a physician’s office. They typically use an anesthesiologist’s private practice.

What Is an Anesthesiologist Private Practice?

First, it is important to understand what a private practice is. It is a professional business that isn’t paid or controlled by larger companies such as hospitals or the government. A private practice anesthesia group offers their anesthesia for surgery to other self-employed entities such as surgeons and dentists.

Office-Based Anesthesiology Is Growing

Within the realm of anesthesiology, office-based anesthesia services are a fast-growing subspecialty. Many innovations in surgical and medical procedures, equipment, and anesthetic agents have allowed for this growth. Regardless, the standard of care regarding anesthesia delivery is still consistent no matter the practice setting. Research has also proven that office-based procedures that use anesthesia are just as safe as those offered in ambulatory surgical centers and hospital environments.

The Benefits of Using an Anesthesiologist Private Practice Include:

  • Greater Provider and Patient Convenience
  • Improved Control of Scheduling
  • Cost-Effective
  • Increased Number of Patient Treatments
  • Consistent Anesthesiologist Personnel

Utilize High-Quality Anesthesia Management

High-quality anesthesia management is a safe way to provide anesthesia as part of the services your practice offers. Outsourcing to an anesthesiologist private practice is a safe way to ensure your patients get the complete care they need. Top anesthesia consultants adhere to professional medical guidelines that are patient-centered.

Your Office Will Meet Regulatory and Safety Requirements

Using an experienced anesthesiologist from a private practice ensures that your office meets regulatory and safety requirements for anesthesia treatments performed on location. Everything your office needs is provided by an exemplary anesthesiologist private practice including their credentialing information. You know you are using the right practice when all of their clinician staff are certified to handle emergency response treatments and their nurse anesthesiologists are completely board-certified.

Add Flexibility to Your Schedule

An anesthesiologist’s private practice offers perfect services for physicians’ offices. Using their services makes it easy to add more flexibility to your schedule. Moving procedures into your practice also allows you more time to perform additional procedures on your surgery days.

Expert anesthesiologist practices will handle everything from administering care to billing. They provide dedicated and exceptional care to your patients and you. Their services are integrated into your practice in a manner that best suits you.

Streamline Dental Procedures With In-Office Anesthesiology

Besides medical practices, anesthesiology is ideal for dental offices that want to streamline their surgical procedures. Anesthesia management is ideal for dentists of all types ranging from pediatric dentists to orthodontists to periodontists and more. Your dental practice will be able to provide full-service anesthesiology so surgeries can be performed directly in your office without the cost of hiring an anesthesiologist to stay on staff.

Contact an Expert Anesthesiologist Private Practice to Learn More

You need the right anesthesia care team in place to fully match the needs of your facility. This shows just how well you are dedicated to the care of your patients. Contact an anesthesiologist private practice to find out how they can help you and your office.