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2021 Star of the Quarter (Q2): Bailey Caristi, Director of Administrative Operations

CAP is very proud to announce Bailey Caristi as the CAP Star of the Quarter for Q2! Bailey has been with CAP for just under a year and has already made a notable impact as Director of Administrative Operations. Bailey’s attention to detail, professionalism, and extensive knowledge of industry business needs, allows for the seamless onboarding of staff and facilities here at CAP. Prior to her role at CAP, Bailey worked in a managerial role for a large academic medical center. Her experience in the health care industry has allowed her to excel and grow in her role with CAP. Bailey exemplifies the phrase “all other duties as assigned” and happily goes above and beyond in her role at the company.

‘After doing locums in several states for a number of years, I’ve dealt with my fair share of HR personnel, (likely in the dozens) and I can say without a doubt, that Bailey far surpasses any other HR individual I’ve ever worked with.  She is always quick to respond, kind, above and beyond helpful and extremely patient’ -CRNA Provider

‘Bailey has been a great addition to our team.  Her positive vibe and can-do attitude make it a pleasure working with her on any project. We couldn’t ask for a better teammate capable of any task with a great personality. She has made a huge impact on our organization in a short time’ – Dan Rice, CEO

CAP Star of the Quarter: Rick McAmish, CRNA

April 2021: Please join us in recognizing Rick McAmish, CRNA as the CAP Star of the Quarter. Rick has been a CRNA for 21 years; and has worked with CAP over 2 years leading our team in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. With his ever-present kind demeanor, Rick is meticulous in everything he does and always ensures that the patient’s safety is the highest priority. Prior to becoming a CRNA, Rick served our country as a Captain in the United States Air Force where he retired in 1996 after 20 years of service. Outside of work, Rick enjoys hunting, boating, and watching sunsets with his lovely wife, Bethany. CAP is very lucky to call Rick McAmish one of our own!

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Moves Headquarters To Bristol

New Business Brings Excitement to New Hampshire Community


[Bristol, NH. Mar 26, 2021] — Collaborative Anesthesia Partners (CAP) has moved its office to Bristol, NH. The relocation to Bristol gives CAP increased space to meet the demand of their growing company, a centralized setting in relation to the facilities they service, and the convenience of nearby amenities such as a local print shop, delicious restaurants to hold team lunches, and a library with a beautiful conference room to hold quarterly meetings.


CAP looked at many different spaces to move their office, and found that this space on Pleasant Street checked all of the boxes. Most of CAP’s staff live right in the Newfound area, therefore when given the opportunity to move work closer to home it was a no brainer. “I am now able to walk to work and work in the town that I love, it’s truly a dream come true!” said Bailey Caristi, Director of Administrative Operations. CAP hopes that by bringing businesses to the area it will create a positive impact to the local economy, encourage more businesses to follow suit, and bring job opportunities as well.


CAP Founder and CEO Daniel Rice, DNP CRNA is looking forward to the opportunity to bring business to Bristol. “We are thrilled to be a part of the wonderful community in Bristol. The Town’s Economic Development Committee has worked hard to create the environment for businesses to succeed here. We’ll work hard to make the community proud,” said Rice. 


The quickly-growing company founded in 2017 provides full-service anesthesia management, as well as interventional pain management services, throughout New England.


CAP is always trying to do their part to help the community. New Hampshire has the third highest substance abuse rate in the nation. To help combat this epidemic Collaborative Anesthesia Partners strives to reduce the use of opioids for treatment of pain and underlying conditions. All CAP services, including interventional pain management, are centered around opiate free and opioid sparing techniques to reduce introduction of opioids to patients. 

For more information about Collaborative Anesthesia Partners please visit us at

Setting Up Anesthesia at Your Medical Practice

Outpatient anesthesia is growing in popularity, with many providers desiring a more cost-effective and convenient solution. In the past, private practices were torn between managing all components of their anesthesia in-house, or (more likely) holding surgeries at a local hospital or surgical center.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners now makes office-based anesthesia easy, which profoundly impacts the services you can offer to your patients. These office-based procedures are safe and effective, giving you better solutions to ensure the comfort of each person during their appointment.

Overcoming Challenges: Setting Up In-Office Anesthesia

Most medical providers understand the benefits of in-office anesthesia, but there’s a significant barrier of entry to offer these services outside of a hospital. The reality is that it is very difficult for most practices due to the cost and special skills needed to ensure each patient’s safety.

Instead of going through the headache of assembling an in-office anesthesia staff, a simple solution is to bring in a provider to work hand-in-hand with your current team members. Your doctors and nurses can focus on their specific skill sets while our team at Collaborative Anesthesia Partners takes care of the anesthesia requirements.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from these in-office anesthesia services for your clinic.

Provider Convenience

Schedules can be complicated when doctors are moving back-and-forth between the office and a hospital. Instead of juggling multiple workplaces, it’s better to keep things simple with all appointments and services at the same location.

An in-office anesthesia team brings the services to your office, so you don’t have to go anywhere to complete patient treatments that require anesthesia.

Patient Comfort

How do your patients feel when they need to go to a local hospital for treatment and services? The building’s size can be intimidating compared to the comfortable atmosphere you’ve created in your office. For outpatient procedures, patients prefer to stay in a familiar environment.


How much money would you pay for an anesthesia staff on the payroll? In most situations, these expenses are too much for a small practice to handle. A cheaper solution is to bring in an outsourced team, so you don’t have to pay the full-time salary of high-end medical services.

Number of Procedures

When you schedule a surgery day in the hospital, how many patients can you treat during that shift? Overall costs increase if you can only fit in 4 or 5 patients because of hospital limitations. In comparison, an in-office anesthesia team helps you move through treatments more quickly, allowing you to treat as many as 10 patients per day.

Scheduling Management

You’re at the mercy of the hospital staff when anesthesia is needed for necessary treatments. It can be stressful to shuffle the schedule if your timeslot is bumped for higher-priority, emergency surgical procedures.

On the other hand, bringing these outpatient treatments back to your office gives you full flexibility to manage the schedule to meet the needs of your staff members and patients.

Consistent Working Relationships

In the hospital, you are likely working with a variety of anesthesia providers on any given day. It can be helpful to have consistency in the relationships shared with co-workers. In-office anesthesia services are beneficial because you are often working with the same nurses and doctors each week. 

Our anesthesia providers have excellent rapport with our partners and patients alike. 

Getting Started with an In-Office Anesthesia Team

It’s easy to see why many medical providers choose in-office anesthesia services as an alternative to hospital procedures or hiring an anesthesia staff. If you are interested in the benefits listed above, then Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is here to help.

Getting started is easy – simply reach out to our team, and we will guide the process to help you integrate these services in your office. Through this process, we focus on two essential steps to ensure the success of your new in-office anesthesia program:

  • Personalizing Your Services: Not only does our team provide anesthesia services, but we also have proven pain-management programs. Talk to us about offsetting the anesthesia services cost while also offering revenue-generating, opioid-free solutions for patient pain management.
  • Systems to Support Your Business: Your success is our goal! We’ll work with your staff to design the right schedule that supports your current treatment processes. One of the benefits of working with our team at Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is the customized solutions that meet your team’s specific needs.

Rest assured knowing that our healthcare delivery processes are designed to meet the industry’s current needs and demands. We can support your office in a variety of ways, making it simple to keep up with ongoing needs and changing industry requirements.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners is Here to Help

At Collaborative Anesthesia Partners, we provide cost-effective solutions for in-office anesthesia. Our approach is to support each facility’s specific needs while maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times.

When you are ready to learn more about the benefits of in-office anesthesia, then contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss the needs of your office to determine the best services that meet your unique requirements.

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Launches First Pain Management Partnership

Announcing The Comprehensive Pain Clinic at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Daniel Rice, DNP CRNA at Collaborative Anesthesia Partners
Phone: (877) 602-0302


[Wolfeboro, NH. Mar 17, 2021] — Collaborative Anesthesia Partners (CAP) has partnered with Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire to provide a Comprehensive Pain Clinic in the Eastern Lakes Region. 

The interventional pain management program at Huggins uses a number of treatments to address chronic and acute pain. The Comprehensive Pain Clinic will work in tandem with each patient’s team of providers to catalyze the treatments and expedite recovery. Creating a team of interdisciplinary providers increases the success of an individual’s treatment plan and outcome. 


The Comprehensive Pain Clinic at Huggins Hospital can assist patients with: lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders, CPRS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), and neuropathy. Interventional treatments include facet joint injections, epidural steroids, trigger point injections, ultrasound-guided regional injections, occipital nerve block injections, and radiofrequency ablation.


New Hampshire has the 3rd highest substance abuse rate in the nation. Because of this, Collaborative Anesthesia Partners (CAP) strives to reduce the use of opioids for treatment of pain and underlying conditions. All CAP services, including interventional pain, are centered around opiate free and opioid sparing techniques to reduce introduction of opioids to patients.


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners recognizes the need for interventional pain management in the area. “The Comprehensive Pain Clinic and Huggins Hospital partnership will add enormous value to New Hampshire as well as Maine. Interventional pain management is often a missing piece in patient care and can improve quality of life for those who need it most.” – Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Founder and CEO Daniel Rice, DNP CRNA


Huggins Huggins Hospital endeavors to offer the best of two worlds – the warmth and friendliness of a small town and the technical expertise of modern medicine. Located in Wolfeboro, NH, they provide primary care, diagnostic testing and specialty services in the region. More information can be found at


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners provides full-service anesthesia management in hospitals, surgical centers, and doctor’s offices, and has now begun offering interventional pain services to their hospital and ambulatory surgery center partners. More information can be found at