Article Title: About Us

Collaborative Anesthesia Partners

In 2017 Daniel Rice set out to better understand and address anesthesia reimbursement for providers and healthcare facilities. The result is Collaborative Anesthesia Partner’s unique personalized staffing models that require in depth understanding of anesthesia reimbursement, practice models and provider scope of practice by state. We are able to provide the most cost effective anesthesia staffing model to support specific facility needs while maintaining the highest level of safety. This win-win situation puts both facilities and providers in position for success. 

Avoiding unnecessary expense by hiring and maintaining excellent providers is our goal. We partner with industry experts to ensure revenue once thought lost is recognized. Collaborative Anesthesia Partners also ensure maximum reimbursement rates are evaluated and negotiated annually to keep pace with the fast changing market. 

Most recently Collaborative Anesthesia Partners has begun offering revenue generating interventional pain services to our hospital and ambulatory surgery center partners. Low back pain is the number two reason patients schedule primary care visits and our multidisciplinary approach to pain is the key to successful recovery. 


Collaborative Anesthesia Partners Founder and CEO

Daniel Rice, DNP CRNA